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Car-pooling: spontaneous, dynamic, local…
and free

You drank a bit too much? You would hate to lose your licence, wouldn’t you? Just missed the last train or the commute shortens your night out? Not particularly fond of calling a taxi and paying a fortune? In these cases, as in many others, ZenOnCar is THE spontaneous, dynamic, local Car-pooling solution you’ve always needed. The ZenOnCar approach is revolutionary: it is founded on the principle of reciprocity and mutual help between members. To put it another way, it’s free!

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Find someone to share your trip with

ZenOnCar will process your request within fifteen minutes (all the offers remain active within one hour).



1. Create your profile

Create your profile on ZenOnCar or sign in.


2. Check the offers

Check the available offers in your location using the interactive map and send a request for approval.


3.... or create your own offer

If there are no suitable offers, create your own offer. The responses won't be late!


4.Define a meeting place

Get in touch with your travel partner and define a meeting place.


5. Let's go!

Get in the car and start your trip!

Questions? Need help? Write us!

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